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One of the most popular of the Latin Dances known affectionately as the
'cheeky Cha Cha Cha  started out as a Mambo in the 1940's.

This flirtatious Dance had its origins in Cuba, and was the basis of the Mambo
and Cha Cha Cha.

The exciting Samba from Brazil was popularized by Carmen Miranda in the

This extremely popular fun and energetic dance,  is also known as the Triple
Lindy, and had its origins in the 1930's from the Jitterbug \ Lindy \ Charleston.

Combining American jazz with an Afro Cuban beat this exciting dance was the
main dance in the film 'Dirty Dancing' with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

This sexy Cuban \ Brazillian dance is the hottest dance craze at the moment, as
Salsa clubs evolve everywhere and people can express themselves with the
various movements.

This dance, also from Brazil would be the hottest and sexiest of them all. It was
actually banned at one time in Brazil in the 1930's for being too sexy. It was  to
be the dance of the 90's but many people were unable to master the technique.

Another hot Street Latin Dance that is extremely easy to learn. Originated as a
Peasant Dance in Haiti by African Slaves.

Originated in the West Indies, and then on to Argentina, this Dance with passion
became extremely popular thanks to Rudolph Valentino in the film "The Four
Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.

This popular Dance often used to get people acquainted was named after Harry
Fox when he introduced a trot into the Ziegfeld Follies of 1913.

The Waltz in both forms is very popular and originated in Germany in the 17th
century. It became extremely popular with the music of Strauss, and is both
graceful and elegant. The Modern Waltz is slow tempo and the Viennese Waltz
is a fast tempo dance.

This is a style unique to Australia and evolved from English Old Time.
There are many Dances in this style but our focus is on the Championship ones
such as Tango Terrific, Barclay Blues, LaBomba, Excelsior Schottice etc